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Our identity Maison Maison

Maison Maison is also a first line of candles with evocative names... Amber Madagascar, Spices Delhi, Fleur de Médina, Figue du Marché, Oud Souk... A delicate and subtle collection with scents that evoke our memories.

At Maison Maison , its creator likes to surprise, share and be generous. He will have dubbed the name of his signature like the game of echo. The names of its candles tell stories.

Everything is detail, from the container with its sober and refined line, the cotton wicks, the choice of a delicious and natural wax. Then, the oils which make up the base of the perfumes, also selected without compromise.

Elegance is essential.

Who is he ?

Our creator Jordan,

A lover of colors, nuances, reflections, travel, pigments, authentic and subtle materials, flavors that mark our essentials, the creator could not imagine expressing all his creativity without generosity.

A clever balance between high standards and poetry, it offers a first range of indoor candles.

The imagination evoked by the name of each... Ambre Madagascar, Epices Delhi, Fleur de Médina, Figue du Marché, Oud Souk... is a journey in itself. The echo of two words, like leaving and coming back.

The conjugation of two words, leave and return, which resonate like an echo, in unison.

It is this concept that is valuable to Maison Maison . The desire to go elsewhere, to leave in one's memory the outline of an unprecedented geography as the cradle of our memories, then to experience with delight this need to return. Maison Maison is that promise. Everything, throughout its delicate scents, from the heart of its delicate containers to the clean lines of its identity, is elegance.

It's an art. That of the journey.

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