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Article: Artisanal manufacturing in the heart of Grasse

Une fabrication artisanale au coeur de Grasse

Artisanal manufacturing in the heart of Grasse

Candles handcrafted in our Grasse workshop

Born from the desire to offer unique olfactory and sensory creations by combining beauty, goodness and French know-how, Maison Maison Paris has chosen for its candles:

A handmade Made in France

    Our scented candles are designed in Paris and handcrafted one by one in the Grasse region, the capital of perfumery. Our suppliers and intermediaries are also based in France.
    “Why look elsewhere when the best is Made in France?”

    Artisanal manufacturing respecting environmental and ecological quality criteria

    All are declared and compliant on the synapse portal.
    Development is carried out in compliance with current cosmetic guidelines.
    We use a natural, non-GMO soybean wax, without pollutants, dyes or palm oil.

    Products that last , designed to be reused and preserved

    We have thought of each container as a recyclable object or to be kept for a second life...
    Reuse your glass, keep your boxes, personalize them, nothing is thrown away and everything can be recycled!

    The beautiful and the good

    It is also all these manufacturing details that will ensure that your candle will never be identical to another...
    This is the choice of a container without plastic coating, which can perhaps be personalized with a brand of perfume oil for your lid or box.
    Let yourself be seduced by their naturally imperfect curves which will perfectly dress and perfume your interior.

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