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Article: Upcycling: preserve, reuse, personalize!

Upcycling : conservez, réutilisez, personnalisez !

Upcycling: preserve, reuse, personalize!

Upcycling or the art of giving a second life to your objects

Upcycling, an art of life encouraged by Maison Maison Paris

Maison Maison Paris has made the uncompromising choice of products that last. Each container can be kept, reused and personalized! We have thought of each glass jar as a recyclable object or to be kept for a second life...
Reuse your glass, keep your boxes, personalize them: nothing is thrown away and everything can be recycled!
You too, be involved and give several lives to your products!

Do you know the difference between upcycling and recycling?

Recycling (or recycling) consists of destroying a material and recovering its fragments to create a new object. Upcycling is a form of recycling which does not destroy the object but rather aims to preserve it for another use: creativity is essential :)
Running out of ideas? You can make your Maison Maison glass jar into a pretty vase! We will share inspiration and upcycling tips for your products... also share yours with us on our social networks !

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