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Tonka Boudoir 220g

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Scented candle
Tonka Boudoir

It is while wandering through the heart of the private mansions of the Marais, in Paris, in the romantic rooms of these sumptuous residences, or along worthy castles camped on the edge of green parks, that I am amused by these memories of paintings de Jouy, elegant furniture with precious marquetry or pretty boxes still full of chatter.

These lively exchanges around cups of tea shared by beautiful elegant ladies. Powdery atmospheres like their porcelain complexions, scents of biscuits, crinoline dresses dressed in taffeta enliven my inspiration.

A few base notes of musk, vanilla and Tonka bean will give a crisp and delicious flavor. The elegance of these princesses of yesteryear is revealed here by the powerful iris, the unexpected violence and the sweetness of the almond.

Finally, the lightness of the verbiage takes off with citrus notes: orange, bergamot and petit grain.

A feminine, light and cheerful candle, with a crystalline laugh.

Powdered Family

Top note: Orange, Bergamot, Petitgrain
Heart note: Iris, Violet, Almond
Base note: Musk, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

In detail

  • High broadcast quality

  • Scents and burns until the end of the candle

  • Natural non-GMO soy vegetable wax

  • Perfume poured hot into the mass

  • 2 cotton wicks no black smoke

  • Autonomy +/- 60 hours (Depending on use without exceeding two hours of burning per use)

  • Thought in Paris, handmade in the Grasse region, capital of perfumery

Usage tips

  • Do not cut the wicks either when using them for the first time or afterward.
    Allow time for the candle to melt evenly over the entire surface of the glass before extinguishing it (approximately 2 hours of burning, especially on the first burn)

  • Dangerous. Respect the precautions for use

Tonka Boudoir 220g
Tonka Boudoir 220g Sale price€65,00